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What our 'rentvestors' think of us:

Buyer's Advocacy  

Our tailored 9-step approach is designed to deliver on your specific needs whilst minimising risk. Did you know it can take over 42 hours to find and secure the right property? Let us do the work and give you your time back.


Get educated on property ownership through informative content and personalised consultations so you can avoid costly mistakes and maximise performance.

Build Wealth

Interested in Investment Property? Discover our 15 Key Investment Drivers to find the highest returns and profits through a range of approved investment strategies. 


Connect with a network of industry professionals 
and share the load with a knowledgeable and experienced team.

Buying your first investment property is a complex and potentially daunting and confusing process but Andrew and Jamie were awesome. They made it so easy and helped with every step along the way. Really happy with their service and would highly recommend Sound Property if you're looking to get onto the property ladder

Trent - Rentvestor

When we first met with Sound Property we were feeling discouraged and wondered how we were ever going to get into the property market. At the beginning of this journey we knew very little about the Australian property market but thanks to Sound Property we can now make better choices about our financial future

Meaghan - Rentvestor

As this was my first purchase I found the process overwhelming and a little daunting to start with, but the tailored advice, the educational articles and stats they provided got me to a position where I felt comfortable choosing the best fit from the options they put forward. I could not have found such a great investment opportunity without Sound Property!

Melinda - Rentvestor



  • How Rentvesting works and its benefits
  • How to use Rentvesting to build a property portfolio
  • How to estimate your Cashflow
  • Pre-tax and post-tax scenarios
  • Expenses to keep in mind
  • Our "15 Key Investment Drivers" to source successful properties explained!
  • BONUS: our most recent Webinar on the "how to" of rentvesting with Q&A's 

RENTVESTING can get you on the property ladder sooner and help you build a successful portfolio. 

Our Rentvesting ebook is a must read for those wanting to get on the property ladder without making major lifestyle sacrifices.



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Sound Property Group is a property investment and education company specialising in sourcing strategic real estate opportunities, tailored to client’s individual needs. With an uncompromising attention to detail, Sound Property strives to educate the client in all facets of property ownership, reducing risk and helping turn their investment ideas into a reality. If you are thinking of investing or purchasing any type of real estate Sound Property has a fully licensed team with experience in the residential and commercial sector, property syndicates, developments and rural transactions. We pride ourselves in achieving sound results and generating clients for life.

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