20 July 2023

The Rise of Young Female Investors

There’s a new trend in property, and it’s being led by young female investors who are motivated by a thirst for knowledge as they look to empower themselves through financial literacy.

While the COVID pandemic saw a surge in retail investors overall, young female investors were already making their mark. According to the ASX Australian Investor Study 2020, women make up 45% of all new investors, showing a 31% increase in the past decade.

That’s a long-term trend. And they’re not stopping there – women also account for 51% of those who plan to invest.

Young women are driving this movement for themselves, and social media is playing a big role. Platforms like Instagram and YouTube have given rise to “finfluencers”. A “finfluencer” is someone who shares financial advice and tips. These finfluencers have greatly impacted the growing rate of young female investors. Podcasts, in particular, have been instrumental in starting conversations about finance among young women.

This growing need for financial literacy is fueling demand for fininfluencer content.

Some notable finfluencers include financial advisor Victoria Devine from the podcast “She’s on the Money,” content producer Queenie Tan with her YouTube channel “Invest 11 Social with Queenie,” and Kate Campbell with her multimedia platform “How To Money.” These women inspire others to take control of their finances and work towards financial freedom.

It’s worth noting, however, that everyone should be cautious about where they get their financial advice. While some finfluencers can provide valuable insights, others can be dangerous. Remember, most are not accredited financial advisors, so researching and making informed decisions is essential.

Here at Sound Property, we’re big believers in helping new investors to get educated. This is why we offer a range of downloadable eBooks and videos to help people understand the fundamentals of investment, how to formulate investment strategy, and, importantly how to see and assess the risks.

With the rise of young female investors, the investing landscape is changing. These women are breaking barriers, taking control of their finances, and making a difference in the world.

If you’re part of this movement and looking to get started in the property market – contact us for a free consultation – and set yourself up for success.