Around the globe, Australian Real Estate is considered a safe haven for investment. With our robust markets, limited supply, and excess demand, the basic economics of the investment are solid.

However, if you live abroad, gaining access to the best opportunities and then transacting on them can be a BIG struggle.

Join Sound Property and SF Capital at our upcoming online event, where we will unpack the essentials in property and finance, tailored to the Australian expat community living abroad.

Sound Property has an experienced team of local experts on the ground, so we can be your eyes and ears and shrink that geographical distance that may be your barrier to entry. Think of us as your local property concierge.

SF Capital are well versed in the different lender policies when it comes to expats earning foreign income and applying for a loan. They know how to navigate the challenges when it comes to securing a mortgage with a local bank, and ultimately find the best product, at the lowest rate.

Please register now and we look forward to showing you how investing in a piece of Australian real estate can become a reality. 

In this expat masterclass, you will discover:

  • Real estate opportunities and challenges in 2024
  • Top markets to buy in 2024 and beyond
  • What not to buy in 2024 and beyond
  • The purchase and contract process in different Australian states
  • How a Buyers’ Agent can make your property investment goals a reality from overseas
  • Maximum loan amounts available for expats
  • How borrowing capacity works earning foreign income
  • Which Australian lenders have the best expat policy

… and much more

Date And Time

Wed, 1st Nov 2023

12:30 pm – 1:30 pm (UTC+08:00)


Online Masterclass