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Sound Property Group – Strategic Investment Introduction by Andrew Cull, Director of Sound Property Group . Masterclass Series: Investment Strategy – Rentvesting Learn why so many Australians have decided to rent where they want to live, and buy where it's smart to invest. Masterclass Series: Investment Strategy – House and Land Learn how to generate growth and cash-flow, whilst reducing tax through a low risk investment strategy. Sound Property Presentation Sound Property Group director Andrew Cull shows the formula involved in strategic property investments during a live event at Doltone House, Hyde Park Sydney How do I minimise risk in property investment? There are two main types of risk in property investment; market and specific risk. How much will it cost me to purchase an investment property? A property purchase is made up of three basic costs; a deposit, stamp duty and solicitors fees. How much can I borrow? Its recommended you speak with a professional mortgage adviser to find you the best finance product for your situation. What property investment strategy is right for me? It is important to understand your investor profile which includes such things as your goals, financial position, risk profile, timeframes and also the stage of your lifecycle.
How do I ensure the best capital growth possible? If you are looking to accelerate the capital growth of your
investment property you have to invest counter cyclically.
How does the sales contract operate in different states? The contract of sale is different in each state and it is recommended you seek legal representation for each new state. How do I buy sight unseen? Buying sight unseen should be a little easier for an investment as it should be a less emotional purchase than your own home and more one based on numbers and facts.
Should I purchase in a regional or capital city? The decision to purchase in regional areas vs capital cities comes down to the purchasers risk profile. Who will look after my investment property? Once you have settled on your investment property you want to know its in good hands and that your asset is being looked after.
Should I buy-and-hold or sell? There is no golden rule - It will be dependant on the property, the investor and the market. Why use an investment agent like Sound Property Group? Save time, money and most importantly minimise risk.