Our services extend to advanced strategies for experienced investors who are looking for a more active strategy to accelerate their results. Custom Built projects are Sound Property’s flagship investments. From hand selecting parcels of land, customising the build and finally delivering the finished property, our team are consistently looking to maximise results for clients.

Advanced property investment strategies, such as House & Land or Duplex/Lot Subdivision, can create instant equity and positive cashflow as investors enter the market at a wholesale level. Other benefits include stamp duty savings on land purchases and high depreciation on the newly built end product.



Benefits of using our services:

  • A strategic approach to property investment
  • Comprehensive Market and property Analysis Reports
  • Cashflow estimates based on the property price and rental yield
  • Objective negotiations for superior outcomes
  • End-to-end contract management
  • Ongoing mentoring and support for the lifetime of the investment
  • Exclusive access to your online Client Investment Portfolio with all your property’s documentation
  • Act in your best interest at all times
  • No purchase, no fee guarantee


Your complimentary 1 hour Property Focus meeting

Walk away with a tailored Strategic Investment Plan, that includes:

  • A clear picture of your investment requirements
  • Education on the 15 Key Investment Drivers of Growth and Rental Yield
  • Comparable Market Analysis Reports on targeted locations
  • Comprehensive Suburb and Property Reports
  • Cashflow estimates based on your budget

Advanced Property Investment:
Custom Built House & Land

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Advanced property investment - Custom built home and land

What our clients are saying:

“The end result not only returned a profit but we have decided to hold both houses as the cash-flow is positive. Due to the location of the development in the town and its strong economy we also expect good capital growth over time. We really appreciate the work and support of Sound Property to help us look outside the square with this investment”

– James F.