The Olympic Games Effect: Property Investment and Market Focus in South East QLD

The Olympic Games Effect: Property Investment and Market Focus in South East QLD

South East Queensland (SEQLD) has long been a hotspot for property investment in Australia; however, with the announcement of the 2032 Olympic Games being hosted in Brisbane, things have gotten a whole lot hotter. 

Even without the ‘Olympic effect’, South East Queensland’s economy has been growing rapidly in the last few years. Underpinning that growth is the strongest population increase out of any state in Australia. Combining that with the reopening of tourism post-Covid and the promise of new Olympic infrastructure development means that SEQLD is drawing the attention of investors far and wide. 

This region has a really vibrant mix of coastal, urban, and rural areas; it stretches from Brisbane down to the Gold Coast and then all the way up north to the Sunshine Coast. 

Because the region is so diverse, it offers investors a wide range of opportunities catering to all kinds of different preferences and budgets.

  • Brisbane: As the capital of Queensland and the host city for the 2032 Olympics, Brisbane will remain at the forefront of property investment in SEQ. The Games have already triggered significant infrastructure projects, including the Brisbane Metro, improving public transportation and enhancing the city’s liveability. Suburbs like South Brisbane, West End, and Woolloongabba are witnessing strong demand from local and international investors. Download a copy of our recent ‘Brisbane Market Report’ here to see some of the hot suburbs for investment.
  • Toowoomba: The Toowoomba Region is experiencing a remarkable economic development surge, supported by an extensive infrastructure pipeline. This influx reshapes the region and includes significant investments in key areas such as the CBD, Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport and Business Park, Inland Rail Project, and the Toowoomba Trade Gateway. Download a copy of our recent Toowoomba Market Report’ here to see some of the hot suburbs for investment.
  • Sunshine Coast: Offering a more relaxed lifestyle, the Sunshine Coast is appealing to those seeking a quieter and nature-centric environment. The Olympics have prompted infrastructure improvements, such as the expansion of the Sunshine Coast Airport, further boosting the region’s prospects.
  • Gold Coast: Famous for its stunning beaches and tourism attractions, the Gold Coast has been a property investment haven for years. The Olympics will likely accelerate development in the region, making it an attractive option for those looking for holiday rentals and long-term investments.

The Olympic Games Effect

The announcement of Brisbane hosting the 2032 Olympic Games has injected a significant dose of optimism into the South East Queensland property market. Here’s how the Games are expected to impact the region:

  1. Infrastructure Development: The Olympics will stimulate massive infrastructure development, including transport upgrades, stadium construction, and improved public spaces. We all know from Sydney’s experience how this type of infrastructure relates to property prices.
  2. Economic Growth: Hosting the Olympics is a testament to the region’s economic strength and stability. The increased visibility and investment accompanying such a global event can lead to sustained economic growth, which tends to positively impact property values.
  3. Tourism Boost: The Olympic Games will draw a global audience, putting South East Queensland on the international map. This heightened exposure can lead to increased tourism, benefiting property investors who target the holiday and short-term rental markets.
  4. Increased Demand: With the world’s attention on Brisbane during the Games, the city’s property market is likely to experience a surge in demand. Investors looking for capital growth and rental income will find ample opportunities.

While the prospects for property investment in South East Queensland are promising, investors should be mindful of a few considerations:

  1. Market Cycles: Property markets go through cycles, and while the Olympics can provide a significant boost, it’s important to plan for the long term and not solely rely on short-term gains.
  2. Regulatory Changes: Keep an eye on any changes in property regulations and taxes, as these can impact your investment returns.
  3. Location Matters: Not all areas in South East Queensland will benefit equally from the Olympics. Conduct thorough research to identify suburbs with strong growth potential, or use our 15 key investment drivers to ascertain risk and prospects for growth. 
  4. Diversification: Consider diversifying your property portfolio to mitigate risk. SEQ offers a range of investment options, across various budgets and yield requirements. 

The property market in South East Queensland is poised for growth, and the announcement of the 2032 Olympic Games in Brisbane has added an extra layer of excitement. 

However, as with any investment, careful research, due diligence, and a long-term perspective are essential for success. The Olympic Games effect is expected to provide a significant boost to property values and rental income, making South East Queensland an attractive destination for investors seeking growth and stability in the Australian property market.

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