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There are 13 names in this directory beginning with the letter S.
Seller’s Market
The condition which exists when, under competitive conditions, the pressures of supply and demand are such that market prices are at a relatively high level, giving the seller an advantage. An under-supply causing prices to increase.
This is a term used to describe whether you can manage your mortgage payments, based on your income and expenses.
This is the final stage of the sale when the purchaser completes the payment of the contract price to the vendor and takes legal possession of the property.
Settlement Date
The date on which a contract of sale is finalised and the balance of money is paid for an asset.
Self Managed Super Fund.
Stamp Duty
A standard duty levy or tax on the purchase of property. This varies depending on the purchase price and the state in which the property was purchased.
Strata Plan
The registered plan of a strata title property showing the boundaries of lots and unit entitlements. Pursuant to legislation on strata or unit titles.
Strata Title
Strata title allows individual ownership of part of a property, where the part ownership will be the individual apartment.
Structural Guarantee
How long the law requires a builder to warranty that the essential structure of the home is, and will remain, sound. The law varies around the country.
Sub-Lease / Sub-Let
A contract whereby the whole or part of the property is let to another person, the party letting being themselves a lessee. The obligations of the lessee to the lessor are not diminished. The length of the sub-lease must not be longer than the unexpired part of the headlease.
A parcel of land divided into individual lots, each with a separate title.
Supply and Demand
The number of properties on the market at any given time determines the supply-and-demand equation. If there are large numbers of properties on the market, it is a buyer's market. If there are few properties on the market or those that come on to the market sell quickly, then it’s a seller's market.
The measurement and depiction on paper of the boundaries of real estate and the location of the improvements on the land, or measurement of a part of a building, usually undertaken by a registered surveyor.