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There are 15 names in this directory beginning with the letter R.
Periodic property taxes levied by Local and State Governments (e.g. water rates).
The financial institution allows you to “re-borrow” a percentage of what you have paid off your home loan, to use for whatever you wish, such as a down-payment on a new investment property.
To obtain new finance for something on different terms, usually involving the paying off of an existing loan by means of a new (and often cheaper) loan.
A payment made periodically by a lessee to a lessor for the use of premises.
Rent Review
A periodic review of rental under a lease using a predetermined method. For example, an increase in line with Consumer Price Index (CPI) or in accordance with a market valuation.
Rental Determination
A valuation report by an independent valuer fixing a rent, in circumstances where a lessor and lessee have been unable to negotiate an agreement.
To terminate a contract of sale.
Reserve Price
The minimum amount a seller will accept at an auction.
Residential Tenancy Database
A risk management tool used by agents to identify tenants with a history of breaching tenancy rules.
Residential Tenancy Tribunal
Specialist bodies exist in most Australian States and Territories to resolve disputes between landlords and residential tenants in low-cost manner, usually without the involvement of lawyers.
Positive or nil cash flow from an investment.
Reverse Mortgage
A mortgage over a residential property owned by a person (usually over 55 years of age), where repayments are not required until the property is sold or the last homeowner dies.
Right of Entry
Where a landlord may inspect the premises, provided reasonable notice is given to the tenant.
RP (Registered Plan)
A numbered plan, held in the Titles Office, showing the dimensions and details of any particular piece of land. A piece of land is sometimes called a “parcel”.
RPD (Real Property Description)
A way of describing a particular parcel of land. For example, Lot 3 on RP 546789 identifies the overall plan number, and then a specific lot number. A plan search at the Titles Office will yield a copy of the sub-divisional plan and dimensions of each lot on the plan.