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When all work on your new property is complete, the local Council is happy everything has been completed correctly, and you have paid all monies owning to them and the builder, then a tenant is ready to move in. The builder will go through a “handover” where someone will be shown through the house, checking that everything is to the standard expected.
Historical Suburb Growth (5 year average, per annum)
The average rate of growth per year over the past 5 full years for all units in the suburb. Based off the sum of the previous 5 full years of suburbs growth for all units and divided by 5 to find the average over the 5 full years.
Holding Deposit
An amount given by a buyer to the estate agent acting for the seller. It shows the buyer's serious commitment to the property and is commonly 10% of the purchase price.
A single, self-contained place of residence detached from other buildings. A house generally consists of enclosing walls with a roof to shelter occupants against both climate and intruders