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AAPR (Annualised Average Percentage Rate)
Annualised Average Percentage Rate or AAPR is sometimes referred to as the comparison rate. This figure takes into account all the costs associated with the loan and is used to compare loan products.
Acquisition Costs
Purchase costs such as Legal and professional fees, mortgage charges, stamp duty and deposit.
Affordability is an important micro level market driver. It is the relationship between average household incomes, and average mortgage repayments. Data can be drawn from the ABS Census to determine the debt ratio in a given market and suburb. Should mortgage repayments represent a higher portion of household income, it will leave less surplus after basic living expenses. Areas where prices appear relatively 'cheap' may also have a high debt ratio and will be the first markets to feel the impact of higher interest rates, unemployment or economic uncertainty. To reduce this risk it is advisable to look for suburbs with less than 30% of incomes going towards mortgage repayments. Affordability is just 1 of Sound Property's 15 Key Investment Drivers - you can learn about the other 14 on the "Investment Agency" page of our website.
An Agent is a person authorised to act for another (usually the owner) in the selling, buying, renting or management of a property.
Agents in Conjunction
This is two or more agents employed by a principal to sell or let real estate and share commission.
This is an amount in your contract for things that might come up which have not been initially selected and specified in the construction contract.
Amortisation Period
This is the length of time a loan is calculated over and repaid.
In Australia, the term means an opinion of the potential saleability of a residential property by a licensed Real Estate Agent.
This is an increase in the value of an asset over time, which can result in capital gains.
Arrears are unpaid debts.
This is which way your property faces e.g. ‘a northerly aspect’ or 'westerly aspect'.
Assessed Rateable
Also known as 'Taxable Value', this is a value which is based on definitions contained within applicable laws relating to the assessment, rating, and/or taxation of real property.
This is a sale usually in public, by an auctioneer, in which property is sold to the highest bidder.