Property Investment Corporate Workshops

A property investment workshop is a great way to provide value to your employees and increase their engagement with your business. Empowered employees who are in control of their financial security are more likely to be high-performers in the workplace.

Some of the organisations we presented to:

In these workshops, we share our knowledge and experience in a simple and interactive way. We have distilled the most frequently asked questions and roadblocks into an informative and entertaining presentation. The presentation can be moulded to various time allocations from 10min – 45min.

Sound Property Information Session – Doltone House – Sydney

Items that will be covered off include:

  • A good time to buy?
  • The Australian property markets
  • 15 Key Indicators for growth and rental return
  • Discover your position and potential
  • Assembling a team
  • Looking at the cash-flow of an investment for a typical investor (general advice)
  • Arranging insurance and property management
  • Q & A

Contact us for a complimentary lunch-time or after work corporate workshops for your business.

Corporate Workshops

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What our clients are saying:

“I had considered property investment in the past, but didn’t have the knowledge to confidently proceed on my own. It made a lot of sense when we were told we could attend a lunch-time event to learn more about it right here at office. Being able to get some help meant that I could stay focused on my work and not have to spend my free-time trying to become a property expert. I was extremely appreciative that Channel 9 created an opportunity for me to make my money work smarter for me through investing.”

– Sally C., Channel 9