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Strong economic performance could support ACT property market

CommSec “State of the States” highlights ACT as the national winner in 4 out of 8 key indicators of economic performance!  

How are Australia’s states and territories performing? Each quarter, CommSec analyses eight key indicators: economic growth, retail spending, business investment, unemployment, population growth, construction work done, housing commencements and dwelling finance. These indicators have a strong influence in how property markets perform. The ACT property market is likely to have a strong performance based on CommSec’s analysis. 

Just as the Reserve Bank uses long-term averages to determine the level of ‘normal’ interest rates; CommSec has done the same with key economic indicators. Latest readings for the key indicators were compared with decade averages  for each state and territory – that is, against the ‘normal’ performance. The State of the States report also includes a section comparing annual growth rates for each key indicators across the states and territories, as well as Australia as a whole. This enables another point of comparison in terms of economic momentum.

A summary of the key findings can be found below: 

  1. Economic Growth – Up 24%, only behind NSW
  2. Retail Spending – ACT’s annual growth of retail trade is strongest at 3.3%
  3. Business Investment – Up 15.8% in spending on new plant and equipment
  4. Unemployment – Second lowest unemployment rate in AU with just 3.7%
  5. Construction Work – ACT tops the list of annual growth rate of construction (to December 2016 ) at 27.5%
  6. Population Growth – Up 1.47%, second only behind Victoria
  7. Housing Finance – ACT tops the report with 21.4% growth in real estate activity, housing construction, and activity in the finance sector
  8. Dwelling Commencements – ACT finishes first with annual growth to dwelling starts up 22.9%

The latest data indicates a multi-speed national economy. The report is a must read for any serious property investor. Download CommSec ‘State of the States’ April 2017.

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